Ernie Gruen Report

I have just finished reading Ernie Gruen’s report of the Kansas City Fellowship (link to download pdf file here ).  He has gathered testimonies from those directly involved as well as statements from Mike Bickle and Bob Jones themselves.

The picture that emerges is that of a cult.  Power plays, false prophecies and blatantly false doctrine are the hallmarks of this fellowship.  Furthermore, failing to correct obviously false prophecies and false prophets is only more proof that this sect of Christianity needs to be exposed and repudiated for the benefit of all.

Since we are quoting a man who claims to have mystical experiences virtually every night of his life–usually five or ten different ones in one night–it must be stressed that there are many more wild stories than we can possibly present here.
MB: “…Bob normally gets five or ten visions a night, maybe he sees angels ten or fifteen times a week, you know, or whatever, in dreams and it’s just, so it’s such a way of life…” (P.His 2, p. 14)
Statistically, from 1974 (when the visions started), Mike’s above statement–if accurate–would mean that Bob Jones had received between 27,375 to 54,750 visions, and seen angels between 7800 and 11,700 times…
So, as you read these representative samples, remember that these and other examples throughout this document not only received Mike’s “seal of approval,” but were also things Mike wanted Bob to share publicly for the promotion of their cause.

In contrast, Peter had one vision and one encounter with an angel yet was a leader of the early church and was used of God to write Scripture.  Paul had maybe 3-4 visions/encounters with angels and yet wrote 75% of the New Testament and headed the missionary work to the Gentiles.

I would encourage you to download the pdf file and read it for yourself.  God bless.


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