The Civil War begins…

Rick Joyner has fired the opening shot.  He now has a video on his website link here.  If you dare watch this video, please take Pepto-Bismal first and have a bucket nearby.

I am outraged, sickened and disgusted.  Joyner starts by admitting that he fired off his letter in anger and didn’t mean for it to be read in public.  Then he lobs out a few fake compliments for Grady before pronouncing him a “self-righteous Pharisee.”  He even tries to pit Grady against Steven Strang in this matter.

He goes on to attack Grady as being “just a journalist” and not a real minister.  Joyner is “oh so concerned with the self-righteous deception that Grady is in.”

Guess what Joyner?  We, the American Christian public, don’t buy it.  With our eyes wide open and watching, we saw you stand on stage June 23rd, 2008 and pronounce Todd Bentley as the latest, greatest money making thing in charismatic circles.  You have yet to repent of your false prophecies and for your lack of discernment in that fiasco.

It is you that needs to repent!  It is you that lacks discernment. It is you that needs to apologize for your outrageous behavior toward Lee Grady.


The gall of Rick Joyner

Yesterday, Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine, wrote an editorial titled “The Tragic Scandal of Greasy Grace”.   Today, Rick Joyner replied.

Here are my comments I posted at the website:

Dear Joyner,
You sir, are the one who lacks credibility. You stood on stage with Bentley on June 23rd, 2008 along with other false apostles and prophets and not one of you had the discernment to see that Bentley was living in flagrant sin. Drinking excessively in public, ministering in public with his mistress beside him, telling the world he was happily married – showing off his wife and kids then dumping them weeks later. Not ONE of you so-called “apostles” has one whit of discernment.
Todd deliberately stalled the “restoration process” so he could get his divorce and marry his mistress BEFORE he had to do any repenting. That’s just not unintentional sin – it is deliberate and flagrant.
So before you go threatening Grady with your “public accusations” – take a good hard look at yourself.

The unmitigated gall of Rick Joyner has me fuming! Threatening a fellow Christian in public! Joyner said:

I think you owe Todd, myself, Bill, and Jack apologies for your presumptuous judgments. I think they should be as public as this letter was. If not, I feel that I will have to address this publicly, and I don’t think that is in your best interest.

As well, the tired old accusation of being self-righteous should anyone disagree with you – again quoting Joyner:

I am deeply offended that you would call our work “a travesty.” The Lord had far more grace for sinners than for the self-righteous, who He had no grace for at all. I am personally far more concerned for you than for Todd.

Grady wasn’t being self-righteous at all. He was doing what a true prophet of God should do – point out sin in the camp. This time, the sin is located at Fort Mill, SC.

The Todd Bentley Affair

I’m sure you’ve all heard the latest – Todd has remarried while the ink was still drying on his divorce papers.  Miriam has a write up on her blog and Lee Grady of Charisma mentioned it in his weekly column here

My thoughts are these:

  • Todd does need restored – but by a reputable Christian leader and a team of therapists. Rick Joyner does not qualify.
  • Todd needs to repent publically.  His revival was broadcast to millions on God TV – he needs to repent publically on God TV.  The repentance should include: false doctrine, lying about miracles and resurrections, selling the gospel for money, false prophecies and full disclosure about his drinking and adultery.  No excuses – just say “I was wrong.”
  • Every last one of the ministers on stage with Todd on June 23, 2008 should publically repent for being false prophets.  They publically endorsed a man who was excessively drinking and having an affair.
  • There needs to be a radical cleanup of the charismatic movement from the top down. False doctrine, false prophecies, false prophets, selling the gospel for money, lack of integrity in the Christian lifestyle of so many ministers are but a few of the things that need straightened out.

It’s time for the truth to be told. No more covering up the sins of the leaders and hiding behind “touch not my anointed.” No more million dollar homes while begging for donations on Christian TV. We, the people, need to enforce this with our wallets. Refuse to support any ministry that does not hold to biblical standards in doctrine and financial integrity.

It’s time to clean house!!

Legislative Attack on Catholic Church in Connecticut


On Thursday, March 5, a bill was introduced in the Connecticut state legislature, and immediately referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.  It targets one – and only one – church in the state, the Catholic Church, and would strip the bishops and priests of the state of any power to exercise administrative authority over their parishes.

Raised Bill No. 1098  is a committee bill and does not bear the names of any individual sponsors. Both co-chairmen of the committee, State Sen. Andrew McDonald and State Rep. Michael Lawlor, are outspoken proponents of same-sex marriage in Connecticut and have been critical of the Catholic Church’s opposition to both civil unions and same-sex marriage.

The stated purpose of the bill is to “provide for the investigation of the misappropriation of funds by religious corporations,” but it deals only with the corporate structure of the Catholic Church. No other church is mentioned, or would be subject to the bill’s requirements. 

The measure has been put on a legislative fast track, with hearings scheduled for Wednesday, March 11, less than a week after its introduction. Knights of Columbus, and all concerned Connecticut Catholics, are encouraged to attend the hearing that day and express their opposition to the bill. They may also call or write the committee co-chairmen, State Sen. Andrew McDonald (800-842-1420 or, and State Rep. Michael Lawlor (800-842-8267 or

Source: Free Public

What in the name of God is going on in this country?  What right does any government have to interfere in the business affairs of a church?  And why are they singling out the Catholic Church other than for political reasons?

This is abuse of power at its very worst.  It’s time we all took a stand against this kind of tyranny!