The Civil War begins…

Rick Joyner has fired the opening shot.  He now has a video on his website link here.  If you dare watch this video, please take Pepto-Bismal first and have a bucket nearby.

I am outraged, sickened and disgusted.  Joyner starts by admitting that he fired off his letter in anger and didn’t mean for it to be read in public.  Then he lobs out a few fake compliments for Grady before pronouncing him a “self-righteous Pharisee.”  He even tries to pit Grady against Steven Strang in this matter.

He goes on to attack Grady as being “just a journalist” and not a real minister.  Joyner is “oh so concerned with the self-righteous deception that Grady is in.”

Guess what Joyner?  We, the American Christian public, don’t buy it.  With our eyes wide open and watching, we saw you stand on stage June 23rd, 2008 and pronounce Todd Bentley as the latest, greatest money making thing in charismatic circles.  You have yet to repent of your false prophecies and for your lack of discernment in that fiasco.

It is you that needs to repent!  It is you that lacks discernment. It is you that needs to apologize for your outrageous behavior toward Lee Grady.


8 comments on “The Civil War begins…

  1. Good take on it Javanut, I must agree with what you have said.

    “we the Australian Christian public” do not buy it either.

    How much longer do they think they can get away with this heresy?

  2. I agree with the above.

    He writes about a civil war in the church, well maybe he’s trying to bring one in order to say I told you so and then be the hero who brings the hope of things to come and ‘what do yu know I got it all sewn up’

    Open my eyes that I may see
    the big untruth in front of me.


    I am already in one now, i.e. dealing with the overthrow of the evil Marxist Obama regime in DEFENSE of the U.S. Constitution. Ok I’ll multi-task and deal with both perverted Satan inspired groups simultaneously! And who knows they both probably in time will join up with one another, since they both have the same father Satan!

    Oh and AMEN to your post!

  4. Bit of an excerpt as to why Rick is lyer covering his backside:

    Joyner should have thought it might be public. Lee is a journalist. It’s common sense that journalist would post up anything news-worthy unless you make a statement like-wise. And from Grady’s behalf, he did the right thing. Not only that, Grady IS LED to believe that this letter was public.

    Joyner said:

    “I think you owe Todd, myself, Bill, and Jack apologies for your presumptuous judgments. I think they should be AS PUBLIC AS THIS LETTER WAS.” (emphasis mine)

    With that information, I would even assume that Joyner has posted this letter up elsewhere, making this letter public. His comments to Lee Grady were demoralising, abusive, threatening and misleading. As from a journalists point of view, it was quite a good thing to publish to expose this divisive, abusive, hurtful soothsayer. But I hope this does not come “across as harsh” to anyone.

    Joyner then said the following on his site via video:

    “… and I answered to him in an e-mail to him which I thought was private. So I didn’t know he was going to publish it.”

    “But it wasn’t Lee’s fault. I did not make it clear, I did not want what I wrote back to him publicised.”
    “But I want to make that clear to you so that you understand it; I wrote it so fast at the top of my head, almost stream of consciousness. I would have done a much better job and made it much clear and understandable had I known he was going to post it and make it public.”

    “I wrote it and I did not mean for it to go public. It was meant for Lee and Lee only.”

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