Say it isn’t so…

Todd Bentley is back

The Shotgun blog announced today that Todd Bentley has re-launched his ministry.  His new website is here.  Complete with a video from Rick Joyner endorsing him.

Here’s the lesson for all you wanna be ministers: live any old way you want to, sin if you want to.  Then just go to Rick Joyner’s compound and enjoy a sabbatical and be re-launched into ministry without ever having to say “I repent”.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how quickly Charisma magazine starts endorsing him again.



One comment on “Say it isn’t so…

  1. Bentley is just one in a mass multitude of false teachers, false preachers, false apostles, and/or false prophets out there and that doesn’t even include the numerous false religions and false faiths with all their very own false teachers, false “preachers”, false apostles, and/or false prophets. Jesus told us there would be, so we shouldn’t be surprised. Even if Bentley had never “returned”, there would still be three other charlatans to replace him.

    Sheep who want to blindly follow such men will follow them anyway and if not them they will just follow another false teacher, false preacher, false apostle, and/or false prophet and if such can’t be found they’ll try out another religion or cult.

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