Anything but that!

Have you ever known anyone who needed to lose a few pounds?  I could stand to lose a few myself.  I know what it takes to lose weight – you must decrease the intake of calories and increase the expenditure of energy – in other words: diet and exercise.  Watching the late night infomercials has amused me.  People are willing to fork over money for this product and that  – diet pills and home gyms but aren’t willing to put on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk or say no thanks to the chips and dip in front of the TV.

In the spiritual realm, I see a similar situation – we know we are supposed to do the basics – read the bible and pray – but we don’t want to do that.  We want flash over substance, dessert before dinner – anything but what we know to do.

You know you should read your bible – and it’s not as though it’s unavailable – you probably have more than five copies at your house.  One excuse after another flows through your mind until you settle on a “one minute devotional” and hope that is good enough.  Some may even watch 22 minutes of a show on TV of a preacher who may quote one verse in the whole 22 minutes.  Wow – really full now aren’t you?

We know we should pray and we really mean to – as soon as this show is over – or as soon as I finish this project.  We tell people we will pray for them – but do we?  How long do you spend in prayer every day?  Prayer – not listening to a worship CD – but prayer.

Our flesh cries out “Anything but that!”  We’ll do a high powered conference, read a book about Christianity or even talk about prayer – but actually read the bible and pray?  How about a seeker sensitive welcome group or a class on social relevance?  Maybe if we buy a mug with a verse on it from the Christian bookstore – will that do it?

Read the bible and pray – diet and exercise.  We know what to do – we just don’t want to do it.  The problem isn’t that you don’t know the “Five Steps to a More Prosperous You” or that you haven’t heard the latest “Defining your Destiny” sermon.  The problem is that you don’t read your bible and pray.


One comment on “Anything but that!

  1. Wow! Well said Java.

    That is so true! We’re always trying to find the newest gadget to help us lose weight without first putting in the effort and sacrificing… and it is the same with reading the Bible and praying.. we’re looking for a quick fix, a pill to take or something else to get it done there and now.
    But it takes time, it takes sacrifice…and it takes dyeing to ourselves and doing what we know we need to do.

    Love this article!

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