Theology Without Genesis 1-3

Darrel Falk of BioLogos Blog is a proponent of making evangelicalism palatable to the scientific community, ergo, compromising the issue of creation.  Besides personally attacking Dr. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he also attacks what is considered classical, orthodox, Protestantism while claiming to remain an evanglical.

The third enormous challenge relates to the fact that the theological issues associated with evolutionary creation seem so huge to so many evangelicals. Will we ever be able to show the followers of Albert Mohler, John MacArthur and others that Christian theology doesn’t stand or fall on how we understand Genesis 1 or the question of whether Adam and Eve were the sole genetic progenitors of the human race? These are extremely critical issues to many and the task of showing in a convincing manner that evangelical theology doesn’t depend on the age of the earth, and it doesn’t depend upon whether Adam was made directly from dust will likely take decades before it will be convincing to all. The Church did eventually accept heliocentricity, but the theological issues (at least to many individuals), seem so much greater this time. The task will not be easy.

To anyone trained in the academic science of theology, the above statement is ludicrous.  Theology doesn’t stand or fall based on the truthful of Genesis 1-3? Seriously?

During the announcements at church this morning, I managed to jot down a few ideas on the back of the bulletin.

  1. Theology proper – God’s sovereignty is immediately called into question if He is indeed not the Creator of the universe.  His character is also deeply flawed as He would be a liar if Genesis 1-3 isn’t true.
  2. The doctrine of Scripture – In Matt 19:4-6, Jesus reaffirms the Mosaic authorship of Genesis and its use as a proper and truthful document.  Specifically, Jesus quotes from Gen 2:23-24 which reaffirms that God did indeed create male and female.
  3. Anthropology – if God did not create mankind, then He has no right to decree or command man to do anything.  Mankind is subject to God exactly because God is our Creator.  God has the right to ordain laws for us to obey.  Furthermore, the doctrine of sin is completely obliterated without Genesis 1-3.

While this list is by no means thorough or complete, it should provide a platform for discussion of just how wrong Mr. Falk is.


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