Are You Kidding?

Today The Blaze reported that  PETA wants to include animal friendly language in the next translation of the bible.

If this proposal goes anywhere, it would be the second PC-inspired assault on the Good Book in less than a month–the first one being that the New International Version of the Bible will now use “gender neutral” language.

Gothamist reports:

After they heard that the latest translation of the New International Version of the Bible will now use gender-inclusive language such as “he or she” instead of just “he”, PETA saw an opportunity to change one other thing. The organization has petitioned the Committee on Bible Translation to suggest that its next translation remove “speciesist” language, by referring to animals as “he or she” instead of “it.”

I can somewhat understand if the underlying Greek or Hebrew word refers to ‘mankind’ as opposed to ‘male’ there should be some reflection of that in the English so that the reader understands it applies to all humans regardless of gender.

I do believe we’re all quite capable of realizing that animals have genders and whatever commands that God gives us equally applies to both male and female animals.  Such a change would only reflect a political agenda and has nothing to do with proper interpretation of the Scriptures.

My vote then would be ‘nay’ to politically motivated changes to the translation of the bible.


One comment on “Are You Kidding?

  1. “God’s covenant is with humans and animals. God cares about animals,” Friedrich said. “I would think that’s a rather unanimous opinion among biblical scholars today, where that might not have been the case 200 years ago.”

    I don’t believe God made a covenant with animals – and – the last portion of the statement infers cultural relevance, not truth! ugh. We need to keep the bibles we have and begin buying used ones from Goodwill. The new ones will eventually reflect all the Emergent and Charismania garbage going on.

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