John MacArthur one, Rob Bell zero

John MacArthur has done an excellent job in his recent blogs of taking Rob Bell to task for blatant heresy.

Rob Bell is reminiscent of the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:17-27. He has a warped view of goodness. He talks as if his own standard of good is the norm, and Bell even suggests that God is not good if He sends people to hell.
Jesus’ reply to the young inquirer (“No one is good except God alone”—v. 18) says God himself alone is the standard of true good, not any creature—certainly not a fallen creature.
The Young Ruler was not saved, nor can any person be who thinks his or her own preferences determine what is truly good. That kind of arrogance reflects a damning egotism.

May I just say “Thank God for John MacArthur.”  It is past time for the leaders of the true evangelical church to stand up and speak out against the heresies of our day.  I would also like to commend Phil Johnson (also of Grace To You Ministries) as well as Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Sometimes we are all guilty of only criticizing false teachers without taking time to thank those who do stand for the truth and aren’t afraid to call a spade, a spade.  Thank you gentlemen for your courage and faithfulness to the bible.


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