The Human One?

The Christian Post reports that the new version of the Common English Bible (CEB) will change the phrase ‘Son of Man’ to ‘the Human One.’

The publisher of the new version is hoping it will make the Bible understandable and attractive to as many people as possible. To that end, the new edition of the CEB has made several “bold” translation choices, including changing Jesus’ “Son of Man” title to “the Human One.”

In keeping with postmodern apostasy and the latest Emergent heresy – I hereby offer some more “updates” to the bible to make it more “culturally relevant.”

  • Change ‘holy’ to ‘relevant’ as in be hip and cool just as your Pa in heaven is hip and cool.
  • Born again becomes ‘spiritual renaissance’
  • The Ten Commandments would become the Ten Conversation Starters.
  • A ‘New Creation’ becomes a spark of the divine within you.
  • Hell becomes ‘the dark night of the soul.’

Feel free to modify and change the bible to your liking!! Just make it say what you want – right?

Note: for those lacking a sense of humor or who just can’t comprehend irony – the above is said in jest to make a point.


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