Bible gets endorsement from Rick Warren

In an article from the Christian Post

A growing disconnect between Bible ownership and Bible reading in America has made many Christian leaders throughout the nation worried.
Although approximately 88 percent of Americans reportedly own a Bible, less than half of those people read the Bible more than once a month, a previous study found.
Looking for a way to resolve the problem, several concerned leaders within Christian Bible agencies, denominations and ministries, gathered together this week in Orlando, Fla., for the Forum of Bible Agencies North America Summit.
Realizing that change began with their own selves first, more than 300 Christian leaders signed the Uncover the Word Commitment pledging to practice daily Bible engagement in their own lives as well as encourage it within their spheres of influence.
Mega church pastor Rick Warren and the president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Samuel Rodriguez joined the call to action as well, challenging their fellow leaders to rebuild Bible engagement in North America.

I am greatly encouraged that Rick Warren has taken a pledge to start reading his bible.  Perhaps he will learn how to disciple his flock without inviting apostates to lecture from his pulpit.  Perhaps he will develop a biblical worldview instead of Fabian Socialism and communitarianism.

I will also pray that he reads from something other than The Message. There is hope even for someone like him!