Benny Hinn Announces Reconciliation With Ex-Wife

From Charisma News:

Benny and Suzanne Hinn may soon offer more convincing proof that God really is a God of restoration.

During a “Miracle Crusade” in New York on Thursday night, Hinn announced that he is reconciling with his ex-wife, Suzanne.

It’s a start – let’s be grateful for that.


Still Unrepentant

[12.04.08] Leaders of the Canadian ministry evangelist Todd Bentley founded a decade ago say the one-time revivalist is “intent” on divorcing his wife and is yet to begin a restoration process.

In a six-page letter to ministry supporters, the board of Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM) released more details about the circumstances that led to Bentley’s departure in August from the Lakeland, Fla., revival meetings he led for four months.

“Todd Bentley has demonstrated himself unfaithful to his wife by entering into a relationship with another woman while still legally married,” the board said in a statement issued last Friday. “Todd has yet to enter into a clear system of accountability with the leaders he identified that would be involved in such a process.”

The leaders claim Bentley, 32, has no biblical grounds for leaving his wife, Shonnah, and their three children, and that the nature of his relationship with his children’s former nanny is “that of adultery.”

“The legal separation from Shonnah was initiated completely by Todd and he has not seen her or the children since the last week in July,” they stated.

“It also needs to be clarified that Shonnah has in no way initiated this divorce and has no present intention to do so at any time in the future. She is understandably hurt by Todd’s infidelity, but is not asking or pressing for a divorce.”

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Other have commented on this press release, so I’ll only add a few things that stood out to me.

1.  Bentley has yet to enter the restoration process.  Why?  Step one would be repenting and he has yet to do that. 

2.  He is presently living in adultery. 

3.  What is his excuse for not seeing his children?

4.  Why hasn’t Johnson, Arnott and Ahn spoke about this publically?  Could it be for all their talk about accountability – there is no discipline in their structure?